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  • 2016-02 Zhuolin Liu wins the Pascal Rol Award at SPIE Photonics West BIOS. Congrats Zhuolin!

  • 2015-08 Congratulations to Zhuolin Liu in publishing "Modal content of living human cone photoreceptors" in Biomedical Optics Express!

  • 2015-06 Kazuhiro Kurokawa joined our lab as new research associate. His doctorate work was conducted in Professor Yasuno's lab. Welcome Kazuhiro!

  • 2015-05 Once again, superb presentations by Omer Kocaoglu and Zhuolin Liu at 2015 ARVO!

  • 2015-04 Congrats to Ravi Jonnal for his detailed and lengthy response to questions about his 2014 IOVS measurements on the outer retinal bands.

  • 2015-03 Patent issued on our polarization-sensitive OCT with AO technology (United States #8,979,266). Congratulations to Barry Cense!

  • 2015-02 Jobs well done by Omer Kocaoglu and Zhuolin Liu on their presentations in Ophthalmic Technologies at the SPIE Photonics West Meeting!

  • 2015-01 OCT News selects our MHz AO-OCT paper as feature of the week!

  • 2015-01 Don Miller has been elected a Fellow of SPIE, an international professional society for optics and photonics technology with over 17,000 members. This honor reflects the hard work of so many from the lab!

  • 2014-11: Congratulations to Omer Kocaoglu, Tim Turner, and Zhuolin Liu for a great team effort in publishing "Adaptive optics optical coherence tomography at 1 MHz" in Biomedical Optics Express!

  • 2014-10: Congratulations to Ravi Jonnal and our other collaborating colleagues at UC-Davis on publication of "The cellular origins of the outer retinal bands in optical coherence tomography images" in Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci.!

  • 2014-09: Ayoub Lassoued and Furu Zhang joined our lab as new graduate students. Welcome Ayoub and Furu!

  • 2014-08: Congratulations to Brandon Shafer (Prof Lee’s student) on presentation and publication of his collaborative GPU project at the 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

  • 2014-06: Congratulations to Omer Kocaoglu on publication of "Adaptive optics optical coherence tomography with dynamic retinal tracking" in Biomedical Optics Express!

  • 2014-04: Accolades to Brandon Shafer (Prof Lee’s student) for successful defense of this MS thesis, "Real-time Adaptive-Optics Optical Coherence Tomography Image Reconstruction on a GPU"!

  • 2014-02: Jobs well done by Omer Kocaoglu and Zhuolin Liu on their presentations at the SPIE Photonics West Meeting!

  • 2013-11: Congratulations to Zhuolin Liu on acceptance of "In-the-plane design of an off-axis ophthalmic adaptive optics system using toroidal mirrors" in Biomedical Optics Express!

  • 2013-10: Don Miller has been elected a Fellow of the Optical Society of America "for pioneering research in high resolution imaging and adaptive optics in the eye." OSA is an international scientific society dedicated to advancing the study of light—optics and photonics—in theory and application with over 17,000 members in more than 100 countries.

  • 2013-09: Congratulations to former lab member Barry Cense and our other collaborators on acceptance of "Henle fiber layer phase retardation measured with polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography" in Biomedical Optics Express!

  • 2013-06: Congratulation to Zhuolin Liu for presentation at the OSA Adaptive Optics Topical Meeting! The meeting was co-chaired by Prof Miller.

  • 2013-05: Congratulations to Qiang Wang for his new position as Senior Design Engineer at ASML in Wilton, Connecticut. We wish him the very best!

  • 2013-05: Congratulations to Omer Kocaoglu, Zhuolin Liu, and Qiang Wang for presentation of abstracts at 2013 ARVO!

  • 2013-04: Tim Turner joined our lab as new scientific programmer. Welcome Tim!

  • 2013-03: Prof Miller and Prof Jaehwan Lee of IUPUI Electrical and Computer Engineering were recently awarded an IU Collaborative Research Grant to support their proposal of visualization for cellular-resolution ophthalmoscopy.

  • 2013-02: Congratulations to Omer Kocaoglu, Zhuolin Liu, and Qiang Wang for presentation of abstracts at 2013 SPIE Photonics West!

  • 2013-01: Prof Miller was invited to the 5th Arnold and Mabel Beckman Conference on Atrophic Macular Degeneration.
Welcome to The Miller Lab!

We are a group of passionate scientists and engineers with a common goal to advance the field of biomedical optics in eye research ... and to have fun along the way. We develop and apply powerful optical imaging systems to study structures and processes in the living eye that was previously not possible. These instruments open up exciting new directions to study both normal and pathological vision. The long term goal is to translate our findings to the clinic to facilitate earlier detection and improved treatment of diseases that lead to blindness.

The lab is part of a highly active and well funded community at IU working in the broad area of optics and imaging for vision research.

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Zhuolin Liu wins the Pascal Rol Award
Zhuolin Liu receives the 2016 Pascal Rol Award at the Ophthalmic Technologies Conference of SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco. Also shown are Wolfgang Drexler of Medical University of Vienna, Austria, and Arthur Ho of Brien Holden Vision Institute, Australia."