Cognitive, Neuroscience, and Vision Science Course Announcement

Special Topics in Vision Science:
Quantitative Data Analysis Methods in the Biological Sciences

Course: VSCI-V 768
Class #: 32120
Credit hours: 3
Time: 8-9:30am Wednesday and Friday
Location: Lindley Hall 030
Enrollment: 25 (currently)

Instructor: Nicholas L Port
(although all special topics courses are listed under Dr. Swanson)

Course Description

This course will focus on teaching data analysis to graduate students, with an emphasis on problem sets from the visual, cognitive, neurosciences. Students with a variety of computer backgrounds are welcome, and all analyses will be performed in the powerful MATLAB technical computing language. After learning the fundamentals of MATLAB and its impressive graphical capabilities, several toolboxes will be taught including Image Processing, Optimization, SPM (Statistical Processing Mapping for neuroimaging) Signal Processing, and Statistics. An additional unit will emphasize conducting psychophysical experiments with the aid of the Psychophysics toolbox. The majority of the data analysis problems to be solved will be designed around the specific interests of the students.


  1. The MATLAB desktop, M-files, and functions
  2. The data structures of MATLAB
  3. Logical operations and control flow
  4. Reading in data from ASCII and other sources
  5. Two- and three-dimensional graphics
  6. Images, movies, and sound
  7. Handle Graphics 1
  8. Handle Graphics 2
  9. Graphical user interfaces
  10. Implementing experiments in the Psychophysics Toolbox
  11. Analytical uses of the Statistics Toolbox
  12. Analytical uses of the Image Processing Toolbox
  13. Analytical uses of the Signal Processing Toolbox
  14. Analytical uses of the Optimization Toolbox
  15. Analytical uses of the SPM Toolbox with Brain Imaging Data

Revised: April 17, 2011