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Parents Conditions that interfere with the development of vision are often difficult to detect in infants and young children. We are studying how vision develops and generating new clinical tests and approaches for helping young patients. To complete these studies, we need help from infants, children and parents. Most of our studies are completed in a one hour visit. The testing sessions are all run at a very relaxed pace with plenty of time to take a break for whatever anyone might need and to discuss visual development and what we are studying. Many of our studies incorporate offering you an eye examination for your infant or child at no charge. If you would like to learn more please call (812) 855-4959 or send email to

The Visual Development Lab is located in the School of Optometry building at 800 East Atwater Avenue on the south side of the Indiana University campus in Bloomington. Free parking for visitors to the school is conveniently located behind the building (south side).

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What can a baby see?

In our laboratory, we measure the information being processed in an infant’s visual system.

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